Making the Difference


Claims Management

Diafora has a practical understanding of the civil engineering and construction industries alongside experience in dealing with contractual issues that arise on projects. This knowledge base and experience gained in preparing and defending claims means that we can provide a valuable service to our Clients.

We can assist in a number of ways: proactively supporting a client by drafting or implementing procedures for adequate record keeping or proper contract administration during projects; investigating project documentation to assess the merit of or defences to a claim; providing contractual advice on matters arising on a project; or preparing or defending a claim.

Our Consultants have the necessary technical skills, backed with contracts and legal qualifications to review project documentation and, if necessary, to prepare a fully documented claim. We can provide expert advice on the contractual and legal validity of claims and assess the extent of entitlement or liability. If the preparation of a claim is determined to be the appropriate course of action we have the knowledge and experience to assist with developing the strategic approach and preparing an effective claim. The manner in which a claim is presented can maximize the potential for recovering potential losses. Clear analysis of the contract and project documentation along with effective written and graphical illustrations of the facts can assist to support a client’s position.

Diafora can assist with the preparation and presentation of various claims including:

  • Claims arising from changes in scope
  • Claims arising from delay, including loss and/or expense claims
  • Claims concerning unforeseen and different physical conditions
  • Claims concerning deficiencies in contract documentation
  • Claims arising from the performance of professional advisers
  • Claims concerning disputed payments

The quantification of claims can be a daunting task. Using our many years of combined experience we are equipped to identify liability and quantify damages in a timely and cost effective manner, including identification and costing of resources such as labour, plant and general overheads.

In terms of defending claims this can include advice in relation to contra charges, set-off and counter claims. We are able to assist by providing the analytical support necessary to prepare and present claims, or alternatively to represent the interests of clients in defending claims received. Diafora can carry out the work required to prepare or defend claims or alternatively act in an advisory role to provide guidance and direction for claim preparation by in-house resources.

With us on your side we can successfully steer you through the claims and disputes maze and secure your rightful entitlements. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.