100%. In fact, I have many colleagues in the construction industry who I have passed Diafora’s details too. I highly recommend the team at Diafora.


Diafora have had a positive effect not only on SharpLine Decorators but also our clients. We no longer have issues with late payments and withheld money and have much better professional relationships with the main contractors whose work we value so highly. The commercial problems that we had in the past are now just a distant memory.


I hope that Diafora can continue to help us in our quest to build stronger relationships with our clients. Together we are trying to eliminate commercial mistakes that lead to misunderstandings between SharpLine Decorators and our Clients.


We are now entering the 2nd year into a 5-year plan with our Coventry office. The goal is to increase the turnover in the Midlands slowly until both offices are operating at a similar consistent level of turnover. I would be incredibly happy if both offices were to maintain that level of business in 10 years’ time.


Diafora first got involved with SharpLine Decorators Ltd as we were having issues with several companies withholding payments from us, and generally not adhering to the correct contract terms and conditions that we had entered. We now employ Diafora on a permanent part time basis, we have all our Pre-let agreements looked over and all contract documents viewed before we sign up to any work. We are then supported commercially throughout the contracted work process with Diafora submitting all applications for payment and final account reviews.


I met Philip Holden through grassroots football, as our children played football together.


SharpLine carry out numerous projects on new build and refurbishments to Schools, Universities, medical centres, care homes etc. We are continuously employed at Chesterfield Royal Hospital keeping on top of the decorating throughout the many buildings they occupy. We are vetted and carry out multiple contracts for both Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Police Forces. We also carry out the decorating on new build housing for several house building companies.


As we are still a Small Medium Enterprise my role as a Director for Sharpline is quite diverse, however my main duties are pricing work for main contractors and private clients, and managing live projects.


I would highly recommend Diafora to any Civil Engineering businesses for all their Quantity Surveying and Project Control needs. Diafora offer a one stop shop for all commercial needs from tender to a completed project.


Working with Diafora has benefited PMUK Ltd immensely and with the support we have received it has given us the confidence to consider much larger contracts. As the working relationship developed, and Diafora better understand PMC UK Ltd, and what we wanted to achieve. The support provided evolved with that understanding, and the work done by Diafora to date allows us to progress with confidence.