Innovi and Diafora – Working Together

A Strong Working Relationship

Diafora have been working with Innovi Consulting since early 2018, and have developed a strong working relationship in that time. We asked Gordon, the Director of Innovi, to spare us a few minutes to answer some questions about what he does, and what its like to work with Diafora. Below is what he had to say.

What is your role within Innovi?

Director (and Business Owner). I generally deal with the offsite elements of the business. Including the usual admin and finances involved with a running a company. I also deal with suppliers and the sourcing of plant and other equipment needed on site, while my colleague Colin Kelly, is on site making sure things are running smoothly there.

Describe the work that Innovi are involved in?

Innovi undertakes High Voltage cable installation services (below ground) in the renewable energy sector in the U.K; specifically, Wind Farms. We are looking at the possibility of expanding into other areas of cable installation in the future, as we have the knowledge and expertise to do so. Below are some images of the work we have been involved with recently.

How did you hear about Diafora?

I heard about Diafora from a consultancy firm operating in the construction sector. Diafora came highly recommended for an initial approach and things just grew and blossomed from the initial meeting and continue now.

What work have Diafora undertaken for you?

Diafora has provided Innovi with Quantity Surveying services since February 2018. I cannot speak highly enough of David, the QS provided to us. We also sought their assistance and introduction to a qualified programme planner which really benefited our work scheduling given the contract deadlines and a harsh winter in the early months of 2018, during what was known as the Beast from the East. The scheduling really helped us to stay on top of deadlines, and would be something we would use again.

Where would you like to see Innovi in the next 10 years?

I would like to see Innovi continue to incrementally grow and develop in the coming years, delivering more wind farm contracts throughout the U.K. Innovi is not seeking to develop its business model purely on growth basis. Being a small, focused and trusted specialist is most important and we prefer to focus on a small number of contracts at any one time. 

What do you hope that Diafora can bring to Innovi in the future?

Further professional support and expertise where necessary. Diafora have a wealth of contacts and consultants in our sector, and this allows us to work with a single partner providing external resource as and where we require this. It worked fantastically well on our previous contract and I am certain we will be working with Diafora again in the not too distant future.

Has working with Diafora benefitted Innovi?

Most definitely, Yes. With the support I’ve received it has given us the confidence to consider much larger contracts. As the working relationship developed, and Diafora better understood Innovi and what we wanted to achieve, the support provided evolved with that understanding, and the work done by David ensured that the project was completed successfully. 

Would you recommend the services of Diafora?

Again, most definitely, Yes; without any doubt.