Quantity Surveying

Pre-contract Services


Let us help you select the most appropriate procurement route for your supply chain appointment and management. We can provide advice on the most effective method of procuring subcontractors and suppliers to help you improve project delivery efficiency and commercial returns, whilst minimising risk and uncertainty.

Cost advice and Feasibility Studies

Working closely with developers, architects, designers, planners and clients we are able to provide insight into the commercial viability of a project at the early inception and design development stages.

Contract advice and negotiation

Understanding and managing project and business risks is an essential part of your success. We will help you identify risks and support you with informed decision making to ensure obligations, liabilities and risk allocation is apportioned between the contracting parties. Our experienced professionals are able to recognise risks which may not be obvious and will help negotiate appointments to ensure contracts are properly drafted to reflect the intentions of the contracting parties. Risk can be analysed and managed through the 4 main options;

  • Risk Avoidance – Avoidance of risk would involve withdrawing from a risk scenario or deciding not to move forward with an aspect or element of the project
  • Risk Reduction – Risks would be assessed and considered with the intention of keeping risk to an acceptable level and minimising the severity of a risk impact.
  • Risk Transfer – Risks can be reduced or made more acceptable if shared amongst the parties or other stakeholders.
  • Risk Retention – Retention would require risks to be agreed, accepted and appropriately budgeted for by the parties responsible for and controlling the risk.

Take-offs and the preparation of Bills of Quantities

Understanding which method of measurement to use is an important part of any take off process. Either by using traditional take- off skills or making use of the latest technology and software, we are able to produce accurate bills of quantities for tendering purposes, schedules of works, or builders quantities for subcontractor pricing or material orders. Our experience and knowledge of standard methods of measurement and measurement best practices allows us to quickly identify shortfalls and gaps within bills of quantities, which in turn may then provide positive commercial opportunities for your project.

Tendering and Estimating

We understand tender deadlines can often be short and require urgent attention. Prompt reaction to ensure compliant submissions are made within stipulated timeframes is recognised as one of the most difficult challenges when tendering for new work. Let Diafora take away some of those pressures by utilising our experienced team of estimators and quantity surveyors.

We promote a collaborative and informative approach to estimating to ensure submissions are based on a logical and auditable solution, feeding from information established from your existing knowledge and delivery objectives. This allows us to understand your internal resourcing preferences, such as the ability to self-delivery all or part of a project, provide input raising subcontract / materials enquiries to ensure current market rates and prices are established and will undertake cost comparisons to understand best value. Project Management and Supervision costs, along with other project preliminaries and company overhead allowances will be considered in conjunction with your wider business objectives.

We advocate the benefits of early site visits during the tendering process and would either attend in person or could make use of information gathered from your existing personnel.

Utilising industry recognised estimating software we are able to provide pricing solutions which are easily transferable to support effective commercial and financial management of a successful project. Where required to ensure fully compliant tender submissions, we are also able to support with detailed bid-writing, writing construction methodologies, quality submissions and the production of tender programmes. Our experienced consultants are also able to review proposed contract documents to identify risks and indicate potential solutions.

Project Administration and Contract Compliance

Preparation of interim applications for payment

We will simplify and streamline this process by capturing variations as they occur, undertake site measures as works proceed and make your site personnel aware of what information is required and how it should be recorded.

Commercial and financial management, analysis and reporting

We are able to work alongside your existing systems and reporting methods, or advise on new or more efficient ways of tracking and forecasting your expenditure and value recovery during the project life cycle.

Contract Compliance

Either directly or through training and knowledge sharing with your existing site teams, we are able to support you during the project delivery stage to ensure commercial and contract reporting deadlines are met, notices are serviced correctly, with the most appropriate level of detail and within stipulated timescales.

Accurate Record Keeping

One of the most fundamentally important administration requirements of any project. Maintaining accurate site records help you ensure works are properly recorded, progress is accurately monitored, changes are recognised and important data is collated in the event of a dispute. We will work closely with your site team to ensure records are being properly recorded, maintained and where necessary, agreed with your client or supply chain.

Risk Management and Commercial Opportunities

Recognising risk at an early stage is essential. Where it has not been possible to negotiate out or minimise a risk at the contract negotiation stage, we are able to provide advise to help you understand risk and find ways to minimise the likelihood of a risk occurring and its impact on your bottom line and project performance.

Final Accounts

Final Account Submissions – When compared to the process for interim applications, contracts may often contain different provisions and timescales for the submission, agreement and payment of final accounts. We will help you recognise, deliver and manage the final account process from its preparation through to final agreement, helping you achieve maximum value from your projects.

Employers Agent / Client Advisory Role

We also have the knowledge and expertise to “sit on the other side of the fence” by acting as the Employers Agent or in a client advisory role.

If you are a client looking to make a start on your next design and build project, why not talk to us about fulfilling the role of Employers Agent. Utilising our team of professionals, we offer a full management and consultancy service commencing at pre-tender stage right the way through to Practical Completion and agreement of the Final Accounts, or anything in between.

Through a practical understanding and knowledge of contracts and construction processes we will act on your behalf as the contract administrator providing project delivery services such as;

  • Pre-tender planning
  • Preparation of tender and contract documents
  • Checking and ensuring contract compliance by the Contractor and other stakeholders
  • Arranging and managing project control and reporting procedures
  • Reviewing and monitoring progress and budgets
  • Providing client reports and feedback
  • Quality inspections
  • Change control and management
  • Assessing and certifying interim and final payments to the Contractor
  • Assisting with the prevention of, and/or settlement of claims and disputes
  • Certifying completion and management of the defects phase

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Phil Holden has grown a fantastic team that can handle large projects but also doesn’t forget the smaller firms. We feel valued and supported in equal measure. In conclusion Diafora are a fantastic company providing support on all levels and we cannot thank them enough for their continued support. 

Adam Taylor – Director